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District Science and Engineering Fair

Exhibition 2021

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who participated in this year's Science and Engineering Fair & Exhibition.  Everybody did a terrific job.  We are excited to share these projects with you.  

The Showcase is now open for viewing of projects.  You do not need to sign in to an account.  Simply click on the drop-down menu (^) next to “Fair” at the top of this page and select “Showcase”.  From there you can click on any project to view.  

Celebrate our student scientists. View the PSUSD Science Fair Awards and Celebration Video:  Here

PSUSD District First and Second Place Award Winners: first place winners science fair.pdf

second place winners science fair.pdf

Through support from our community partners:  Desert Riders Association, Desert Water Agency, Coachella Valley Water District, Peter A’Hearn, and Amplify Science we are able to award additional awards.  Award Winners:

special awards science fair.pdf


Nazeli Geragos - Cielo Vista Charter - Silver 

Fabian Rivera - Cielo Vista Charter - Silver

Azalea Manco - Desert Springs MIddle School - Silver

Clover Valverde - Desert Springs Middle School - Silver

Ema Vazquez - Raymond Cree Middle School - Silver

Quincy Valverde - Cabot Yerxa Elementary School - Silver

Alison Guerra - Rio Vista Elementary School - Silver


Thank you, parents, caregivers, and teachers for all you do to support all our students access to science learning.

Debbie Gordon, Science Fair Coordinator


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Student's Main Page

Congratulations you have completed your project!!

Did you create digital slides? Check out these samples if you need ideas:  Sample Slides

Did you make a digital notebook? Here are 2 templates you might use:  Template 1 or Template 2

Did you take photos? 

Did you make a video? Be sure to change the share settings on your video to "anyone with link can view" before uploading.

To review requirements for competitive projects: Click Here

It's time to upload your project!  Watch this short video for instructions: 

upload project.mp4


All projects are due by JANUARY 15, 2021


Finished with your project and looking for some fun at-home science activities?  Check out these ideas at The California Science Project!


Teacher Main Page

Thank you for taking the time to support your students' pursuit of inquiry and design. 

Here are ways you can support your students with this year's virtual format:

1. Make an account for this website.  Log in with your school email account. Please do this BEFORE your students create their accounts.  If you do a class project, assign one student as the team leader.  That student registers first and the rest of the students create their accounts and "join" the team.   Every student should create their own account.

2. Review the Student Project Submission Checklist and familiarize yourself with the timeline for participating and celebrating in this year's virtual Fair and Exhibition. (see Schedule Tab)

3. Assist students in completing their projects and uploading them to this website.  See the Student's Main tab for how-to instructions.

4.  Thank you for everything you do!!

Finished with your project and looking for some fun at-home science activities?  Check out these ideas at The California Science Project!

Judge Main Page

Welcome to PSUSD's first virtual Science and Engineering Fair & Exhibition!  Thank you for taking the time to be.a judge today.  



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